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Pacific Sun Packaging provides quality products through exceptional service and support. We focus on creating long-term relationships by understanding each of our clients’ goals, assessing their specific needs and delivering a product that exceeds their expectations.

At Pacific Sun Packaging we understand our customers.  From preliminary concept to design, we can support you with your new packaging projects or find a more cost effective solution for your existing packaging.  Our friendly and knowledge staff is here to assist each step of the way. 


Upon approval of your design we work closely with purchasers on forecasting and minimizing lead times. Our ability to warehouse product worldwide drastically cuts down on potential delays and reduces shipping costs.  “Need it yesterday” is a familiar phrase we all know. Here at Pacific Sun Packaging our main goal is to process your order quickly and efficiently without compromising the quality and integrity of our products.

We partner with several environmentally conscious companies that utilize modern state of the art plants for the recycling of plastic bottles that produces PET reels. They contribute to environmental decontamination through the development of plastic bottle recycling campaigns together with the community. This allows us to provide a 100% Recycled solution to growers who are very conscious about what’s best for our planet.

What are Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming?

The Thermoforming process converts plastic sheet into products using heat. It is a process 
where heated thermoplastic sheets are molded to conform the sheet to a mold and once the 
shape is formed and allowed to cool, it is trimmed to create a part or product.

Heavy-gauge thermoforming typically produces more "permanent" or end use types of products. 
Thick or heavy gauge thermoforming usually requires tooling specific to each part because the 
part size can be very large and parts are trimmed on CNC routers or die cutting presses.

Vacuum forming 
Vacuum forming consists of heating a thermoplastic sheet to make it pliable and 
then applying vacuum pressure between the mold surface and the plastic sheet to remove any 
trapped air so the sheet conforms to a male or female mold, depending on the characteristics of 
the part. The additional pressure can allow thicker gauge material to be formed with more 
intricate detail and sharper corners.

What is the difference between Thermoforming and Vacuum forming? 
The difference between thermoforming and vacuum forming is that vacuum forming has the 
additional process where vacuum pressure is used to conform plastic to the mold during forming


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